An Impressive 2 Billion Dollar Track Record
JPH has negotiated and closed transactions on behalf of Canadian and foreign investors to the tune of more than $2 billions CAD from 1998 to date. Unlike more conventional Real Estate firms, which tend to put forward their own inventory, JPH seeks out the Real Estate opportunity that best fits its client/investor’s specific objectives with respect to not only R.O.I. and cash flow considerations but also strategic diversification. It is this close attention to the client/investor’s needs that drives the success of JPH.
JPH successfully outbid 18 other parties to acquire Westmount Square, one of Montreal’s most prestigious landmarks. This strategic flagship purchase now opens doors for the client/investor in question - Westmount Square, Montreal, Qc. CANADA, four towers, 328,271 square feet of mixed-use, luxury residential, office and retail space, purchased for $85.3M CAD.
“Our clients/investors achieve their R.O.I. and Cash Flow objectives by relying on us to:
Pierre L. Michaud, President
Open the right doors
Find the appropriate investment
Negotiate and structure the best deal
Undertake the most thorough due diligence
Hire the best team
Manage all of the corollary relationships to ensure
the optimum performance of the asset.”