Real Estate Investment Opportunities in the G8's Fastest Growing Economy

Canada, with a population of over 33 million and a GDP forecast to exceed $1.1 trillion, is one of the largest economies. A member of the G8 group of leading industrial countries. Canada enjoys an enviable standard of living, and excellent infrastructure, a highly educated and skilled labor force as well as a well-deserved reputation as a successful trading nation.

Canada's near and long-term growth forecasts are based on the country's solid economic fundamentals, strong business investment, increasing competitiveness and integration into the North-American Market.

Canada's investment climate

Canada's economic performance has been outstanding since the mid nineties with:

  • Continued growth
  • Low interest rates
  • Low inflation
  • Stable unit labor costs
  • Improved cost competitiveness
  • Record exports
  • Healthy level of business investment and per capita purchasing power
  • Declining unemployment rates